8 Uses for Corporate Video

Producing and distributing video content is a great way for businesses to deliver their marketing messages to their target consumers. In fact, statistics published by Unruly show that video adverts increase brand recognition and association by 139% as well as increase consumers purchase intent by 97%. In view of such statistics, 59% of senior executives now prefer video to text content, according to Brainshark. These figures clearly show that when it comes to business communication, video is a powerful tool. ...

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Video Production Process

Video Production // What’s involved?


The video production process can range from simple to quite complex. This infographic will give you an idea of the various steps involved.


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Sydney Video Editing // Post-Production

Video Editing and Post-Production Services

There is no substitute for nice clean footage. In the ideal world all video would be shot and recorded using correct lighting, backgrounds and audio capture equipment. However, in the real world this is not always possible. For various reasons such as budget, equipment, location etc. sometimes even the best-laid plans can fail.

At Encore Media our Video Editing services can help save you footage and turn it into a useable asset to promote your company.

We were ...

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Are you using online video?



Your website visitors take a second to decide to leave or stay on your website; even after all the hard work and money you just spent getting them there. One of the most effective ways to keep visitors on your page is by adding online video to your home page.

Adding online video increases time spent on your site, reduces bounce rates and drives a greater volume of traffic—three key ranking metrics ...

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Testimonial Videos // Simple and Effective

How to use Testimonial Videos for your business success?

One sure-fire way to improve sales is testimonial video, a strategy that employs first-person narratives of how a product or service helped a customer with their problems or concerns. Why should you consider choosing video testimonials?

By The Numbers

Two out of three people will choose a business based on the referral of their peers. While the input of friends and family may be more important than a stranger, it should be noted that ...

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Marketing with Small Business Videos

Small Business Videos for your Success

Advertising has come a long way since it first began, and the manner in which businesses market their products or services have also undergone dramatic changes. Those who comply have the opportunity to succeed, whereas those who resist simply slide through the cracks. Small business videos are becoming an essential tool for marketing your business products and services.

Obviously technology has been a major player that has caused all these huge changes. People expect answers quickly, ...

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Video Production Company // How to choose a reliable production house

Not all Video Production Companies are the same

A quality video production company can be the difference between success and failure in your business. In the competitive business world, creating a powerful message that helps run the race toward success and staying ahead of the competition is becoming more and more critical. With the explosion of the internet video production is an vital tool in building a strong and credible brand image in the minds of customers and consumers.

One of the ...

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Corporate Training Video For the Best Return on Investment

Corporate Training Video

Staff training and development has always been an essential area of business investment and indeed good quality training can contribute immensely to a company’s competitive edge. However, at times such as the present, when companies are feeling financially stretched traditional training methods are proving an increasing strain on the budget. Nowadays however, more and more companies are discovering that corporate training video is not only less expensive but actually much more effective and efficient at communicating the message.

Training ...

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Web Videos :: Why you need them

Why Web Videos are essential 

Every business owner knows the first impression matters. There’s nothing like an original and engaging web presence to stand out among an army of competitors. Better still, a video introducing or explaining aspects of a company’s values, strengths and services is a fantastic way to connect with new and current customers alike.

web video encor e media

In an increasingly competitive and saturated online market, ...

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Corporate Video Production :: 7 Common Mistakes

7 Common Mistakes when producing Corporate Videos


Representing your business with a corporate video is one of the most efficient forms of promotion on the net. Now more and more companies are utilising the power of video and multi-media. Whether the video is produced professionally or by yourself here are some common mistakes that can reduce the effectiveness of your video.


It is very important to have the right length of the video. There is no standard length, ...

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