We strongly believe video has many uses, from small business all the way up to multi-nationals. Here is a great article that details some of the ways video can be implemented to help your company marketing/promotion strategies.

10 Reasons PR Pros should use video

In summary:

1. Pitches and press releases.

2. Building trust and credibility with targeted groups. Video builds trust.

3. Raising brand awareness/promotions/working with celebrities.

4. Product launches.

5. Crisis management, shifting public opinion, corporate and CEO reputation management.

6. Content development.

7. Social media marketing.

8. Social and environmental responsibility.

9. Events.

10. Political campaigns.

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The article is written by David Murdico, executive creative director and managing partner with Supercool Creative, a Los Angeles-based Creative Agency specializing in social video, integrated content, production, viral and social media marketing for brands including Atari, Pizza Hut, THQ, T-Mobile and IBM. Follow him on Twitter @DavidMurdico.