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Encore Media provides high quality animation explainer video services for a range of small to large organisations.

In recent times, the explainer or animation video has become an important tool in the breakout success of many companies including the likes of Dropbox, Groupon, and The success is due to the ability of animation videos to provide an easy and effective way for businesses to put their best foot forward.

When potential customers visit the homepage of your website, an explainer video can serve as an informative and entertaining lead in  for you and your brand.

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Animation videos are ideal for a number of uses including:

  • website welcome
  • product/service explanations
  • trade shows
  • data explanation
  • product/service launches

Types of Animation Explainer Video

Explainer videos come in a number of formats that can be tailored to suit your website and/or social media platform.

Some of the more common styles Animation Video Productions include:

Kinetic Typography

Text based videography

The video is entirely or predominantly moving text flashing on the screen.

Standard 2D Character based


Similar to the video above. This can be a combination of cartoon-style characters combined with moving text to tell the story.

This is the most common style of animated video we see at the moment.

Screencast Recording

Screen Recording for Video

This is a recording of the computer while it being used. Mixed with a voice over these are very effective for tutorial and how-to videos.

Whiteboard Animation

Hand sketching video

The video simulates images being drawn on a traditional whiteboard as you would often see in presentations.

You can even include a hand sketching each image for extra effect.

Technology is changing so quickly that the style of video you desire is limited mainly by your own imagination. Some video styles have been proven to work better than others for particular situations. Our creative video producers are able to give you guidance as to what style of video would suit your needs the best.

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