Not so long ago YouTube did not exist, available bandwidth was mostly limited to dial-up connections and watching video generally meant sitting in front of a television. Today, however, things have changed tremendously.

When people want to learn about new products/services, many of them go directly to YouTube in order to find information.

As companies attempt to reach much wider audiences, video has become an important part of their marketing arsenal. People who go online expect brands and organisations to have engaging and informative videos, and are disappointed and even surprised if they cannot find any. Video has truly taken over the internet, and this is a trend that marketers cannot afford to ignore.

While many videos posted online are meant to be for consumption by the general public, it is also clear that business clients, partners, and suppliers also appreciate and even expect the use of video. In addition, given the business nature of this marketing, competition can be fierce. A well-made and effective video may very well give you an edge over other firms who have not yet started harnessing the power of video production. You want to be the company that is leapfrogging ahead, and not the one that gets left behind.

Here are 5 very effective types of video to help your company achieve maximum return on their video productions.


The corporate video has been around for some time now, but in the past, it tended to be shown more to new employees or to have been produced merely for internal use. This shouldn’t be the case today. Corporate clients and members of your supply chain like to know more about the company that they are dealing with. The corporate video offers your company the chance to impress your potential business customers.

However, this means that the video production must be well done. You do not want to be using a company profile video that makes people restless or sleepy. Use compelling visuals. If your firm has a long history, be sure to show tangible items from your past and iconic places or events closely tied to your firm. If your company is newer, play up your strengths. Feature the impressive backgrounds and qualifications of your staff. Highlight your office layout or corporate culture which is designed to maximise productivity and creativity. Make sure the video leaves the audience impressed and interested to know more.



Another important kind of video, which is particularly applicable to B2B marketing, is the explainer video. This is important because not all corporate products are going to be easy to understand or intuitive. Even if you know that your products are superior to those of your competitors, this will not matter if the audience does not understand why. A well planned and produced explainer video can tell a story and show visuals which hammer home the point that your drilling equipment is more efficient, your laboratory autoclaves are better at sterilising, or your machine parts are more interoperable.

An effective explainer video makes the complicated seem like common sense. It draws the attention of the viewer to your products’ strengths and advantages, and it presents these in a way that is memorable. Pages and pages of documentation, or glossy brochures will not have anywhere near the explanatory effect of one well-produced video. That said; the video production must be of high quality. The script must be well written. Voiceover has to be smooth and easily absorbed. And the visuals must be to the point and edited in a way to maximise simplification and recall. You do not want your explainer to be confusing.

Animated sequences paired with good video production can also be very useful when it comes to explaining financial processes, through the use of moving diagrams, flowcharts and the like.



There are many great examples of these. Whenever there is some sort of technology keynote, where a company is releasing a new flagship phone, tablet, watch or other device, take a good look at the promotional videos they use. The video production is usually very slick. The chosen dialogue and visuals are edited in such a way as to drive home the message that this is a device that people should want, and that will make their lives better.

It is no wonder that many of these promotional videos have very high viewing rates.. They tend to be short, but they send a powerful and compelling message. This is something that your company should have as well. It can be used in business meetings, in company presentations, and in a whole host of other scenarios. A promotional video which has great video production will be an asset and will help to increase business.



One of the reasons this type of video can be so convincing is because the message is not coming from your company. Instead, it is coming from people who have benefited because of what your company has done. This may be a customer, a supplier, a partner or some other stakeholder. So if you are showing a case study video which features a satisfied customer to other potential customers, they may see their own needs and concerns reflected in the video production. Since the client in the video came away happy, they too might be convinced to take the plunge.



Thought leaders are prominent individuals who drive the conversation forward in certain industries. It is not hard to think of examples. In the hardware and gadgets industries, there are certain individuals who can talk authoritatively about beautiful design, the benefits of certain operating systems, and the future of technology and so on. Creating a thought leader video will help to cement your company’s place as one of the leading organisations in your industry. Or if your firm is not yet in that position, it can help you to boost your reputation as experts in your field.


For B2B marketers to truly maximise the promotional potential, a combination of all five of these types of videos in their toolkit. Then, when the opportunity arises, they can choose the most appropriate one to show. At the same time, these videos can be featured on the company website, as well as video streaming websites, in order to expand their promotional reach.

Again, excellent video production, planning and conceptualisation are the key. You want to make sure that your videos are assets, and not liabilities.