Medical Video Production Ideas

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5 Ways you can use video in your medical practice/surgery to help boost communication, sales and patient satisfaction. Using medical videos can save businesses time, reduce staff costs and allow them to better educate their patients. Savvy Doctors and Healthcare providers are starting to use video in a number of strategic ways to help [...]

Sport Video Marketing Ideas

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How to use Sport Video Production and Promotion for your Sports ClubsSocial media and sport video production have completely revolutionised the marketing world for sports clubs. More than ever it is possible to connect with fans, share information about your teams and promote events.And nothing gets more attention on social media than short sport videos.In [...]

Event Video Production Ideas

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The Best Event Video Production Marketing Strategies They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then a video is worth a million words. If you're planning an event, you don't want to miss out on the great opportunities that event video production offers. Whether you event is a small workshop, industry presentation, or a [...]

Successful Testimonial Video Strategies

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Tips for Using Testimonial Video Strategies for Marketing Campaigns When it comes to making a purchasing decision, effective testimonial video strategies are paramount. When you think about it, you wouldn't hire a contractor to install something in your house unless a friend or a colleague gave you a good referral. Or at least that's how [...]


Testimonial Video Production Sydney

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We had the great pleasure of working with boutique accounting firm Momenta Advisors on a testimonial video production recently. Momenta Advisors is a relatively new company that is kicking some great goals and after dealing with their management I can certainly understand why. Fantastic staff, communicate well, very friendly and professional. Wishing them continued success, well deserved. Here is [...]

Video Marketing for Financial Planners

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What is Video Marketing for Financial Planners and why should you care? In 2017, video is an essential tool for any financial planning organisation looking to get noticed and grow their business online. Video marketing for financial planners will help your practice build a solid reputation, increase leads and convert more clients. In an industry [...]

Medical Video Production – Video Marketing Ideas

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Successful Medical Video Production Ideas A customised medical video can help your company save staff time, reduce your costs, and promote your product or procedure. Whether you operate a hospital, private clinic or a medical supplies company, video is a powerful tool to raise awareness of your services and remove the obstacles that may prevent [...]

Explainer Video Production – the process

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How to Produce an Explainer Video Once your company has decided to commission an animation video there are a number of steps involved between getting budget approval to final deliver of the video. This article will demonstrate a practical approach to producing animated explainer videos. We will concentrate on explainer  video production, however the principles apply [...]

Video Script – How to create a Killer Video

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How do I write a corporate video script? Businesses today have realised the importance of corporate videos and the value of video marketing in effectively marketing their brands, products and services. It has become important for a business to successfully market itself to the consumer in order to get their message across, promote their brand [...]

The Power of Case Study Videos

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Case Study Video and Testimonials for your Business With the popularity of videos in marketing strategies rapidly increasing, marketers and businesses are scrambling to create engaging content faster than people are consuming it. The most important question to consider is what type of video to create. While all types of videos have positives and negatives, [...]