What Makes Web Video Production Effective?

There are many elements that go into videos in today’s day and age. Movement, sounds, music, and background noises. Each of these plays an intricate role in not only captivating your attention but also informing you and moving you towards an emotion or an action depending on the video’s meaning or purpose. In many ways, web video production must also do the same thing as many other videos, except with a couple of minute limitations such as length and in some cases quality limit.

Using Videos for Trade Shows, Conferences and Seminars

Whether you are a large company, a small business or a non-profit organisation, videos are crucial for getting your products and services noticed at conferences and seminars.

A video lets you present your information in a professional and attention-grabbing package that will be much more effective than handing out brochures or gave a talking to a tired audience.

Conducting Quality On-Camera Interviews

When it comes to conducting on-camera interviews, it is important to make sure that the interview is conducted in the right environment with the right equipment and production crew. Whether the purpose behind the interview is to create interviews, case studies or testimonials, it is important to get the set-up and preparation correct to ensure the interview goes smoothly and achieves the purpose it was meant for.

Are You Using These 5 Videos to Boost Your Marketing Results?

As companies attempt to reach much wider audiences, video has become an important part of their marketing arsenal. People who go online expect brands and organisations to have engaging and informative videos, and are disappointed and even surprised if they cannot find any. Video has truly taken over the internet, and this is a trend that marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

What is a Video Marketing Strategy?

Often a business owner has been bitten by the video bug, uploaded one video, not seen results and then gone back to traditional marketing convinced that video is not suited to their business. Well, video does and can work for almost any business I can think of. However, it does need to be done correctly with some careful planning and strategy to allow it to work to it's full potential.

Improve Video Effectiveness with Call-To-Actions

How to Improve your Video Marketing success with a Strong Call to Action

Many online business owners fail to harness the power of strong call to actions in order to generate more leads and ultimately more sales. However, understanding the principles of a call to action and how they can be applied to your video productions will make your video marketing much more effective.

How to Make Your Videos More Engaging?

How to make your videos more engaging?

When you are looking to capture the attention and the imagination of your customers, it is essential that you learn the basics of getting to the point, making that point and then delivering the desired result. Video content is on the rise, particularly because it has all the essence of engaging your clients and translating your message across to them in the right manner.

Guest Post: Events to A T – Corporate Events

The Power of a stellar Corporate Event.


It’s no surprise that hosting an unforgettable event is a brilliant way to get ahead of the pack in your industry. But it never ceases to amazing us at how often individuals and companies get it wrong – so wrong - wasting an opportunity to captivate and capture potential clients, or even worse… having their brand remembered for the wrong reasons!

How Video Can Help Your Thought Leader Strategy?

The growing popularity and versatility offered by corporate video makes it a powerful tool for those wishing to build their professional standing, reputation and connection with their target audience. For this article I am going to use Gary Vaynerchuk as a case study on how he uses video to help establish his brand as a leading innovator in the Social Media field.