Sydney Business Video Production

Client: Laurel Grey / Happily Organised
Project: Education/Thought Leader Videos

Summary: Laurel Grey and her company, Happily Organised, help get your business organised. They specialise in getting businesses streamlined with their digital workspace and online presence.

As part of the service, Laurel helps company implement time-saving and practical software solutions. Her expertise and experience in this area is exceptional.

We were asked by Laurel to do a day of corporate filming  to help create videos for her website, blog and client only content areas. The video content included tips, tricks, interviews and other relevant content to help keep her clients up-to-date with the most effective tools to help grow their businesses.

Laurel was superstar in front of the camera and was one of, if not, the most natural presenter we have worked with.


“A few of the best things about working with Encore Media:

– Brings all of the equipment along, and you don’t have to think about any of the logistics

– rovides feedback along the way; not just sitting behind the camera running the technology

– Ensures that you look and sound GREAT

– Embodies flexibility in structure; allowed me to achieve exactly what I wanted (28 videos in total) during our allotted time

– Returns work promptly (even sent a sample video within one (1) business day that enabled me to secure a long-term partnership with an international technology company just earlier this week)

– Takes initiative on keeping the shoot moving and brings a fantastic sense of humour; just easy to work with”

– Laurel Grey, Happily Organised