Grandland Real Estate Auction

Client: Grandland Real Estate
Project: Service Promo Video

Summary: We were contacted by the client to cover the upcoming real estate auctions in Western Sydney. The brief was to record the event in a creative manner and produce a web promo video highlighting the excitement of the event and the profesionalism of the staff and auctioneer.

Using a combination of monopod, tripod and motion camerawork we were able to capture different angles of the event to give an entertaining and comprehensive coverage.

Audio was also recorded on the day using a lavalier microphone to ensure clear audio of the auctioneer.

Video and audio was mixed in post production with simple titles and soundtrack to create an effective web promo video for the client to use online on website, social media channels and blogs.


“The video is great! We really love it. We are very impressed with your service. We will also look to utilise your service for other auctions in the future also.

– John Pierobon , Principal & Chief Auctioneer

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