Case Study Video and Testimonials for your Business

With the popularity of videos in marketing strategies rapidly increasing, marketers and businesses are scrambling to create engaging content faster than people are consuming it. The most important question to consider is what type of video to create. While all types of videos have positives and negatives, case study video marketing, as well as Animation Videos and Interview Videos offer a great deal of bang your marketing dollar.

Your clients are online and looking for answers to their problems. Offering case studies showing how your product or service has helped clients in a similar situation is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available.


  • Testimonials build trust. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and combining video with word of mouth testimonials is an especially strong marketing tool. People are often more trusting of family and friends than advertisers, which is why it is vital to have people talking positively about your brand. Many people claim that millennials especially are less trusting of advertising than previous generations. Millennials will check what people are saying on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube before getting involved in some companies and they are looking for marketing that are not blatantly pushing products. Many consumers want to know as much about the company’s values as the products, which is why it’s important to build trust. For building brand loyalty and repeat customers, trust is at the core. Because trust is important, make sure the customer you choose is credible — it’s especially beneficial if they are an icon in the community or well-known in their field!


  • Case Studies have high value. Hiring a videography company to film and edit customer testimonials to show. You could hire a film crew, scriptwriter, actors, jingle writer, special effects person, a helicopter, and editors for a TV commercial, but there’s no promise it will be successful and reach your target audience. Video testimonials don’t have the flashiness of prime-time television commercials, but you save on the extras that are not a necessity. The simplicity of testimonials makes it easy to show what your business is all about and why your customers love it.


  • Testimonials are not obvious marketing. Oftentimes, even if you have “a real doctor” selling toothpaste in a commercial, it still comes across as obvious advertising Audiences acknowledge that the doctor is probably an actor, the doctor’s office is a set, and the words saying how much he trusts the brand are obviously scripted. The authenticity of video testimonials is what makes them so successful. Consumers are seeing real customers, real problems and real solutions. Showing exactly how your products and company can help potential clients is the key to successful case study videos. Be real. Acknowledge if there were some mishaps along the way but emphasise the pro-active service and results achieved.


  • Use storytelling to evoke emotions. While some writers are talented enough to make readers feel specific emotions, it is much easier to do in video. Having an authentic customer in your video allows them to tell a true story. It can have an introduction, a problem, a solution and a happy ever after ending. Use each segment to draw on different emotions. Frustration of the initial problem, disappointment in losing sales, customers etc.then the excitement and happiness in having the problem solved. Videos are able to use word choice, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, music, and imagery to convey emotions — much more than words on a page in an article. Emotions will help associate your brand and products in a positive light. Being seen positively, and recognised by your audience, is invaluable.


  • Testimonials are shareable. The most important part of any video marketing is having a great call to action combined as many potential clients as possible viewing the message. Sharing your video online via video hosting platforms and social media is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Hosting your video online and on your website is just the first step. By actively engaging in promotion of the video you can see interaction increase many times over. Share the video through emails, social media, company partners, collegaues, staff accounts, blogs and more. When you post a testimonial on social media, tag the person/service/product in the video and they are more likely to share it — instantly gaining the attention of the friends, colleagues and others in their circle of influence.

You can read a more detailed insight into Testimonial Video usage at Testimonial Videos  on our blog.


One of the strongest features of case study videos or testimonial videos is that they can be a very affordable step into video marketing. Encore Media has been producing videos for over 10 years in the Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong regions.  If you want more information about having Encore Media produce your next testimonial video project, contact us at