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Video Marketing Mistakes Made By Marketers

Do you notice these video marketing mistakes? Video marketing has become an elemental strategy to boost brand recognition, responsiveness, loyalty and popularity. A majority of small, medium and large corporations are increasingly incorporating videos to market their products and services today. And that too for a solid reason – there is a truck load of [...]

Video Storytelling without Sounding Corny

The best videos tell a story that engages the audience. People love stories and it is this element of your video marketing strategy that can draw customers in emotionally. Not only does storytelling foster a connection that is more likely to lead people into contributing to your cause or purchasing a product or service, but [...]

Why Do Corporate Videos Prove Effective?

Gone are the days when businesses depended on TV and newspapers ads for spreading the word about their products and services. Today, they use the various forms of online marketing to generate results. One of these is video marketing, where businesses use videos to share their message with their target audience. Businesses usually combine corporate [...]

How to Use Your Company Videos on Social Media

7 Tips for getting the most out of your Social Media Videos There is no doubt about the fact that diligently and efficiently using your company videos can absolutely have a very favourable effect on your social media marketing campaigns. However, it is paramount to realise when you should use what type of videos to [...]

Case Study : Sydney Real Estate Auction Video

Client: Grandland Real Estate
Project: Service Promo Video

Summary: We were contacted by the client to cover the upcoming real estate auctions in Western Sydney. The brief was to record the event in a creative manner and produce a web promo video highlighting the excitement of the event and the profesionalism of the staff and auctione

Video Marketing for Small Business

When you run a small business, video marketing is a lot more than just a really good idea. It’s an absolute must when it comes to expanding your online reach and getting the word out about your latest products and services. This is just as much the case in your local market as it is anywhere else.

Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

The point behind corporate video production is to draw attention through marketing and other strategies to target a specific audience. Much like commercials, these corporate videos will attempt to sell to a client their product or services. But the major difference between commercials and corporate video production is that the audience that they are intended for is much smaller.

What Makes Web Video Production Effective?

There are many elements that go into videos in today’s day and age. Movement, sounds, music, and background noises. Each of these plays an intricate role in not only captivating your attention but also informing you and moving you towards an emotion or an action depending on the video’s meaning or purpose. In many ways, web video production must also do the same thing as many other videos, except with a couple of minute limitations such as length and in some cases quality limit.

Using Videos for Trade Shows, Conferences and Seminars

Whether you are a large company, a small business or a non-profit organisation, videos are crucial for getting your products and services noticed at conferences and seminars.

A video lets you present your information in a professional and attention-grabbing package that will be much more effective than handing out brochures or gave a talking to a tired audience.