Choosing a Video Production Company 

Choosing a Video Production Company 

Since most businesses do not typically engage in video production, it would be necessary to choose the right video production company. Remember, a corporate video would literally represent your brand. As such, you would not want to distribute a video that does not present your brand in the best light possible. This does not mean that you should spend a lot of money hiring the most expensive corporate video production team. Some of the key factors to consider when hiring a corporate video production team include the following:


Concept Development

The fact that you have a great idea that you want developed into a video advert does not mean that it will resonate with viewers. It is wise to go for a video production company that can develop your concept into a finished product. This includes writing a compelling script, editing it, carrying out background research on your concept, rough scripting, and final scripting. Take note that if you fail at the concept development stage, the likelihood of your video failing is quite high.


Shooting a typical corporate video generally involves more than just handling a video camera. In other words, it requires the expertise of someone with a good grasp of video lighting techniques, how to pick a video background, how to position video characters, and video camera angles. If you hire an inexperienced video production team, you are likely to end up with a low quality video.


Besides concept development and experience, go for a video production company that has the right equipment. These include video cameras, tripods, lighting kit, camera lights, boom pole, shotgun microphones, audio cables, wireless microphones, headphones, portable digital audio recorders, light reflectors, wide range of lenses — zoom, wide angle, and polarizer – , video editing software, storage and backup systems such as external hard drive, as well as mounts and jibs. Be wary of video production teams that show up for work carrying camcorders only.

Ability to Research Target Audience Preferences

You should choose a corporate video production team that can carry out research to determine target audience preferences. For example, if you are producing a corporate video to promote a new product, the video production team should have a good grasp of consumer buying trends in your niche as well as similar products from competitors. Without a good idea of your target audience’s preferences, you might distribute a video that does not elicit excitement from viewers.


Before you commit yourself, ask to see some video testimonials of satisfied clients. The video production company should also provide you with a list of preferences that you can call. Find out from the references if they were happy with the corporate video production work, delays if any, budgetary issues, and how the company handles and resolves issues.

Video Format

The video format used to shoot and edit your corporate video is an important factor. The rule of thumb is to insist on DVCAM and above as the minimum video format. Nevertheless, most companies now use cameras capable of producing video in HD format. It is also wise to find out if the company can provide video in different formats such as MPEG, DivX, AVI, MOV, and WMV. Having your video in different formats would make it possible for your target audience to view it across a wide range of viewing platforms such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop PCs.


Although cost is a key factor when it comes to video production, do not focus on it a lot. The cost of producing a corporate video boils down to the video production team you choose. Most companies provide clients with an estimate showing the cost of producing a corporate video. However, this varies from one company to another depending on factors such as company profile, target audience, video length, and your own budget allocation. For instance, if the video involves special effects or stunts that require the expertise of professional actors, you will definitely have to pay more. In general, your video production budget will determine the type of video you get, particularly in terms of quality.