7 mistakes that could be crippling your video marketing efforts


More company leaders and decision makers are beginning to understand the importance of online video. They understand that if a company video production goes viral, that can result in millions of views, and even the possibility of traditional media companies carrying the story. They can also appreciate the fact that the cost of such a video may be quite low, especially compared to its resulting public relations value.

However, there is still a long gap between understanding the importance of online video, and properly producing and executing a company video. The internet is littered with examples of attempts to produce viral videos, which simply fell flat on their face. Too many mistakes are still being made, and here are some of the most common ones.


1. Producing a Boring or Just Okay Video

In order for a company video production to take off, there has to be something about it that captures people’s interest. Educate or Entertain is a common mantra. It may highlight an awesome feature of a particular product or service. There might be someone famous in the video. Whatever the context, there has to be something special in the final product. If the video is too long or rambles on without getting to the point, then the role of the video can be undermined. 

This is one of the most important and common mistakes that should be avoided. Decision makers need to understand that the internet is either difficult or sometimes impossible to manipulate. Instead, people will watch only those videos that they find interesting. If it is boring, they will know right away, and they will simply move on to the next video. But if the video production is special in some way, if it makes the person laugh or cry, or if it gets the person’s pulse racing, then the video will maintina viewer interest and get your message across. 


2. Not Connecting the Video to Your Brand

One of the saddest mistakes is when a company does a great job of producing a video but then forgets to properly include branding and contact details. Effective videos should also raise awareness about the brand. Branding can be placed at the beginning, during or conclusion of the video and need not be obtrusive. A watermark, a company logo, or text, which links the video back to the company is simple and effective yet not always utilised.


3. Making the Video Too Much of an Ad 

Many people go online because they want to have fun or be entertained. One of the powers of video is it’s ability to “show not tell” information to the viewer.  Show the viewer how your product or service can help them without constantly asking for the sale.

Viewers can be fussy and if they feel they are being “sold to” they will quickly move to the next Show the viewer how you can solve their problem without coming across as pushy or too desperate to sell.  


4. Not Investing Enough in Video Production 

A quick look online makes clear that even videos created by relative amateurs are slick and sleekly produced. The audio and video are clear. There are tasteful accompanying graphics and readable fonts. It is a well put together package. This means that a company needs to invest in the corporate video cost so that it also looks sleek and professionally done. If the viewers see that the production is too raw, slipshod or the production value distracts form the intended message many will end up dismissing the video right away.


5. Making the Video Too Long

 It’s important for the company to not become so engrossed in the video production, that it makes the final product too long. Attention spans of viewers are short and getting shorter each year. Not too mention the number of videos on the internet all seeking the attention of your potential customers. There is no set duration for the video although 1-2 minutes is the preferred length. This allows enough time to include practical and informative content without dragging on too long. 


6. Not Having a Clear Message

 If the company just produces a video because it feels pressured to come up with something, there’s a good chance that they will not know the message that they are trying to send. Video should not be produced on the spur of the moment.  A proper marketing campaign outlining outcomes and goals of the video will help develop a clear idea of what the video is supposed to convey to the audience. The message should be clear and memorable to stay top of mind of the viewer.


7. Not Identifying the Target Audience

One of the great things about the internet is that it is possible to target narrow or niche audiences. So for example, a car company can come out with a video that appeals to car owners who like powerful engines, and then a separate video for those people who gravitate more toward electric cars or hybrids. A video aiming to please everybody will inevitably please very few. A simple and direct message aimed specifically at your niche audience will have a better chance of success. 


These are only some of the many mistakes that are made in online video production. A quick look at many of the social media accounts of various companies will offer many other examples. Working with a professional video company will help to ensure that the company avoids some of these more common pitfalls and errors.