The Power of a stellar Corporate Event.


It’s no surprise that hosting an unforgettable event is a brilliant way to get ahead of the pack in your industry. But it never ceases to amazing us at how often individuals and companies get it wrong – so wrong – wasting an opportunity to captivate and capture potential clients, or even worse… having their brand remembered for the wrong reasons!


An impeccable event has the power to sway potential buyers or clients, entice people to subscribe to your business, buy your product, willingly donate to your charity, or schmooze your existing clients into staying with you and spending more.

Here are some simple tips to make sure your next event is one that is going to leave the right impression and represent your brand.

Intention and Audience

This is the most crucial part of planning your event and yet, it’s often overlooked.  Ask yourself or your team… what is the point of your event?

Do you want to draw in new clients? Perhaps you want to impress your existing ones? Is the point to incentivize your staff? Or maybe it’s to raise capital? These questions will help focus your event as well as decipher your target audience.

When you have a clear goal in mind – your event has a focus, and it can mean the difference between a good event and an outstanding one.


When we talk focus, a great way beyond the intention and the audience of your event is choosing a theme. Now, a theme doesn’t have to be as obvious as ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘50’s Diner’ or ‘Mardi Gras’. Theming can be as simple as choosing a colour theme, or even thinking of a word that could describe your event such as ‘elegance’. This allows you to base each of the individual event elements around the theme.

Going with a country theme? You’d be stocking up on mason jars, crates and hessian.  Wanting a circus theme? This may lead you to choose a venue like a theme park and have fire-breathers or circus performers as entertainment.

Wanting to have an indulgent, elegant event? It might be worth finding a venue by the harbour.

It’s important to note here that décor at your event is a vital element. So many times we have come across clients who don’t want to allocate any of their budget to décor, because it can be seen as a ‘waste of money’. On the contrary, the centerpieces, lighting and styling of your event creates an ambiance and can take it from ‘just another corporate event,’ to a sensory breathtaking experience.

Continuing your theme from the colour or design of the save-the-date invitations, right through to the follow up email after the event has concluded, will leave the positive impression you want for your guests.

Investing in THE BEST suppliers

It’s easy to google a few bands, compare the prices and go for the cheapest. You are, after all trying to save costs. But does that come at a cost to your event? From our experience, most of the time it does. Take your time and do your research. Read up on blogs and get references from others when looking for your venue, band, AV suppliers photographers, videographers and the like. Get an event coordinator on board if you can – they will have great, long-standing relationships with suppliers who they trust and know will do they job you are paying them to do. Most of the time they can get you a better deal than you could get yourself, and the suppliers will want to do the best job for the coordinators because they know if they nail it, they’ll get repeat business.

Record it

You’ve invested a large sum of your company’s (or more importantly your personal) money in your event – and you’ve had rave reviews.  Now how can you leverage your expenditure to really drive the message home? Your return on investment is not complete if the event is not recorded. Hiring a great photographer and videographer will keep your event alive for long after the last chair is packed away, and can be used as marketing for future events and ventures. Aside from the memories and the possible business generated from the event, your photos and video are your only link to your event – use it to your advantage!

Need help with your next event?

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