Corporate Training Video

Staff training and development has always been an essential area of business investment and indeed good quality training can contribute immensely to a company’s competitive edge. However, at times such as the present, when companies are feeling financially stretched traditional training methods are proving an increasing strain on the budget. Nowadays however, more and more companies are discovering that corporate training video is not only less expensive but actually much more effective and efficient at communicating the message.

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate Training Videos

Training and development takes place at many stages of an employee’s life starting with the orientation program when the employee first joins the company. Subsequently, many companies find their employees benefit immensely from continued development and refreshment in the skills required to perform their particular roles. In addition, training is frequently needed across the entire workforce for instance if a new piece of technology is introduced and the staff need to be trained in its use or if the company has brought out a new product and wish to introduce its features to the workforce.

For all these applications corporate training video is the ideal means of getting the information across especially if your company is spread geographically over more than one site. Paying for an experienced trainer to visit each site or for all employees to attend a training course at a single venue can be extremely costly in time as well as money. With video the information can be simultaneously available to all members of the workforce at minimal cost.

In fact one of the biggest advantages of video training is that it is highly flexible and portable. If required, employees can learn at their own desks, and at their own pace. For instance if your company has a new accounting software program which you need to introduce to a group of employees the ideal way to do this is to distribute a video to this group.

As well as being provided on DVD which staff can use on their own computers a corporate training video program can be provided online for a web presentation or projection to a group of employees. This can be used with or without a facilitator to encourage discussion. Alternatively, when training is delivered face to face a video can form part of the session and can greatly enhance the interest and attention of the participants. It will also ensure that the same content is delivered consistently and clearly even when training styles vary.

Of course one major determinant of the effectiveness of corporate training video is the quality of the actual production. Any training however it is delivered, needs to be authoritative and to inspire confidence. However, a video that looks as if it has been filmed by an amateur on a cell phone with jerky movements, blurred images, and muffled sound will not impress its audience and will not communicate the message effectively. In fact, producing a training video is a lot more technically difficult than filming a family clip so it is highly advisable to use a professional service. Professional video companies have the expertise to produce videos which will not only communicate the message clearly but avoid flaws which will distract the attention of the audience.

Although staff training can be costly it is an essential expenditure for any company wishing to remain competitive. The use of corporate training video can provide the best of both worlds — it can deliver the most powerful communication in the most cost-effective way. This is the way you can achieve the best possible return on investment.