What to consider when planning your Corporate Video


Corporate video productions are an essential way to broadcast any corporate message. Whether you are announcing new product or service releases, a company milestone or putting out general information to your staff a corporate video is sure to do the trick. These simple ideas will help make sure that your corporate video is a success.

Identify purpose

Every corporate video has a purpose and that purpose is going to drive many of the production decisions. A video that is announcing a product release will want to capture the interest of the market in showing the benefits and features of the new product. A video that informs staff and employees of policy direction will want to capture the impact of the policy on employees. Purpose is a none too subtle distinction and your video will have a different flavour and appeal based on its purpose.

Plan a budget

Determine up front what you expect to pay for the video production. Meet with your production team and get realistic quotes on your project. Just like any corporate project you’ll need to have a budget so you can manage the project to a successful completion.

Think story

Work out a story line that will convey your message effectively. Get the video scripted in a language and style that carries your message and your image effortlessly. It usually isn’t enough to just put the facts on the screen. It’s more important to craft a memorable message that will resonate with viewers.

Think audience

Have a definite idea who the video is targeting. It may even help to have a stylized persona that your team can consider as the audience. This persona represents the target audience of your message. The team can then direct their attention to satisfying the persona’s needs.

Think timeless

Don’t get caught into date trapping your video. Do your best to make sure the video is timeless in its presentation because it’s going to be around for a while. You’ll want future viewers to think just as favourably of the work as present viewers. Keeping this concept in mind will assist your team in keeping the general quality and appeal of the video fresh and vibrant.

Meeting with your production team and establishing this framework will serve your corporate video well. Our team is standing by ready to assist you every step of the way.