Corporate Video Production Strategy

The point behind corporate video production is to draw attention through marketing and other strategies to target a specific audience. Much like commercials, these corporate videos will attempt to sell to a client their product or services. But the major difference between commercials and corporate video production is that the audience that they are intended for is much smaller.

There are many reasons you will need a corporate video production strategy. First, they will help increase your client base which in turn can increase your profits. Secondly, a corporate video production can help motivate sales which again raises your amount of profits. Finally, you will be able to effortlessly grow your corporate business by gaining partnerships with clients and other interested companies.

Each of these will not only help your company, but as long as the information remains up to date you will be able to use the same video for various different clients and presentations for quite a while before you need to have it updated or redone.

5 Simple Guidelines to Corporate Video Production

There are 5 simple guidelines that you should follow with your corporate video production to ensure they are not only effective but properly target your audience.

Target Audience

The first guideline is straightforward. Define your target audience, and then refine this definition for even more effective results. You will want to ensure that the message you are sending your audience is specifically tailored to them, like a presentation.

Emotional Connection

The second guideline is can sometimes be easier said that done. You need to create an emotional connection with your audience. This is normally done through a story and will make your corporate video production not only memorable, but allow your audience to properly relate to your message.

Show & Tell

Guideline number three takes us back to kindergarten as well as the days of show and tell. Corporate video production is the best way to show your audience your message rather than just talking about it. Talking points are nice but seeing is believing.

Focus on the viewer

Number four is one of the most important and you may need to remind yourself about this from time to time. The corporate video production should show the client what they want to see, it is about them and not you. They want to hear how you will make their lives simpler and solve problems for them.

Be Genuine

Finally, number five, show your character and not just your work. Clients already know all about what you do, they want to hear about your values and viewpoints. Don’t be afraid to show your unique personality to separate you from the rest of the competition.


Why is Corporate Video Production Important?

Many of the reasons that make corporate video production important is centered on the love of video and the ability to meet both auditory and visual learning. It has been proven that some people learn just by hearing while others learn by seeing. Corporate video production meets both needs and studies show that people remember 50% of what they hear and see.

Videos can help clarify information while establishing your image to your target audience. You will also find that people are more engaged with videos than any other form of presentation. Corporate video production will also allow you to be more creative, encourage sharing, provide higher exposure for your business, and it is not only easier but is also much more affordable than other presentations.

Other benefits that make corporate video production effective and important is the versatility of this form of media. Videos can be many things such as a company overview or testimonial, or it can possess many combinations of informational, instructional, product demonstrations, overviews, and testimonials. The abilities are limitless in a way that no other media form has been able to attain.

This powerful tool is an excellent way to captivate your audience for an extended period of time while showing off your company and bringing more attention to what your company does. Corporate video productions are also easier to share across social media as well as email, YouTube, and Vimeo.

These kinds of sharing abilities will also allow you to share your corporate video production to your clientele even when they cannot make it to a meeting or presentation. This will still allow you to share your message without interruption.