How do I write a corporate video script?

Businesses today have realised the importance of corporate videos and the value of video marketing in effectively marketing their brands, products and services. It has become important for a business to successfully market itself to the consumer in order to get their message across, promote their brand and help improve client relations. However, a great corporate video requires a killer video script that can enable the users to grab the attention of the consumer and more importantly keep the attention once they acquire it.

The 10 Second Countdown

It has been well documented that the average attention span of adults today is around 2 minutes at best. This has become the standard and people that watch video content on YouTube take less than 10 seconds to decide whether they want to watch a video or move on to the next one. The faster rate of browsing has been brought about due to the availability of gadgets such as mobile devices and smart tabs. The average user takes about 10 seconds to decide whether the content they are watching is credible or not worth their time.

This means that there is more pressure than ever before on businesses to come up with a killer video script in order to get their message across and ensure the successful promotion of their brand, and video content. Here are some of the ways that businesses are looking to dealing with the 10 second rule for making corporate videos:

Emotional Connection

It is important that you use the power of emotions in your video content, since it will allow you to connect emotionally with your target audience. Research has shown this to be true and more businesses are now incorporating emotions in videos to deliver simple facts in a much more powerful manner.

The Engagement Factor

Video scripts need to be engaging in order to attract consumers, and if they are struggling to relate with the script, then you will lose customers and your video will not be successful. It does not have to always take the customer through an emotional journey however it should provide them with valuable insight that makes them watch the video to the end. Try to keep the video entertaining and/or educational for best results.

The Story Factor

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a killer corporate video script is to make a story about your brand, product and service. Remember the How?, Why? Where? When? What? Who? when creating your script. If you can answer those questions you relate to your viewer more effectively. People love stories and if you can hook the viewer in with an effective story your video will be more effective. You can use storytelling in almost all types of videos but it is especially effective for customer profile videos, testimonial videos and animation-style videos. These types of video productions when used in a video marketing strategy are largely successful when it comes to brand and product promotion.


People on the internet are usually browsing and clicking on random videos because they are bored. If you write a corporate video script that is entertaining and effective, then you will have a winner on your hands. Remember to use your personality to seperate yourself from the competition. Too many videos now play it safe and in the process become mundane and forgettable. If you can convey your message in an entertaining manner it is more likely to be well received and shared.

Video Ideas - Think Outside the box


You can also add an element of drama, suspense and theatrics in order to ensure that the video you have made captures the imagination of the customers and touches them on an emotional and inspirational level. Again, don’t be afraid to try something different. Add some humour or surprise elements to keep the video moving and the viewer guessing what will happen next. 

The Concept of the Video

The concept of the video has to be great in order and should basically get the viewer to click on the call to action link. This means that your killer corporate video script has to accurately send your message across while holding the attention of the customer. This means that the overall concept of your video should be clear, rather than confuse your customer. If the concept of the video is clear than the customer will watch the video till the end and will do exactly what you are asking them to do.

Keeping it Short

You have to realise the fact that people on the internet will not really have enough time to sit through for hours and go through your video. The main purpose of your video should be to promote, educate and entertain, while remaining on point as well. You have to keep it short with the average length of a marketing video today at around 2 minutes. You want your audience to remember the video and remain top of mind when they require your product or service.  In order to ensure that you have a killer corporate video on your hands you need a killer, well thought out script. Study different video scripts and look at different videos on YouTube in order to find certain patterns that will allow you to create your very own unique killer corporate video script. Just remember to keep the video long enough to convey all the information you need to without repeating or babbling on. 


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