Globalization, the Internet, social-networking sites and the mass proliferation of handheld devices and tablets mean that everyone everywhere has information at their fingertips. More than that, they have video, and if you are a savvy operator, there is no excuse for your business not to be immortalized for all time in a corporate video production.

Corporate video production makes sense regardless of what business you are in. The greatest thing is that your corporate video doesn’t have to be an expensive, over-the-top extravaganza. It can be anything, on any budget, or no budget at all.

If you fancy spending a little more on your corporate video there are numerous options available to you. For a smaller budget, if you’re someone who is more able to write, direct and edit, by using basic Microsoft or Apple editing suites all you need to do is find a camera. Download the video and you’re on your way. A lot of the video editing applications, such as Microsoft Movie Maker and Apple’s iMovie, are packaged free with newer computers. A quick tutorial and a few hours messing around can give you the basics to produce your corporate video. For the easiest editing ever, visit YouTube’s free site at

If you have a little more to spend on a corporate video, a production house can add creativity, quality and that extra professional touch. Encore Media can create films to suit all budgets from the smaller solo-preneur businesses up to large multi-national and government corporations. We also provide post-production services to include titling, composition, voice overs, talent and more.

The added advantage of having your corporate video done by professionals is they also have distribution partners that can help get it to target audiences. YouTube for example, serves up 100 million videos daily and accounts for over 60 percent of all videos watched online, so why not throw in your corporate video production along with the rest?