How to Make Your Videos More Engaging?

When you are looking to capture the attention and the imagination of your customers it is essential that you learn the basics of getting to the point, making that point and then delivering the desired result. Video content is on the rise, particularly because it has all the essence of engaging your clients and translating your message across to them in the right manner.

However, creating videos that inspire, educate and delight people is easier said than done. It may look easy on paper, but once you start creating video content, you soon realise some of the complexities involved in producing quality videos.

Making your video engaging is one of the most important aspects of a successful video strategy but how do you create a video that your customers want to watch?

Here are some tips to help you get started on making videos that are more engaging:

Focus on the Essentials

In order to create a successful video that gets lots of viewers, many people waste time trying to get their videos ranked higher on search engines by using complicated techniques to beat the algorithms. We recommend that you focus on the video content and let the search engines do their job. If you are creating genuine quality content that is useful and solves a pain point for your viewers you will have a larger percentage of consumers watching the entire video. Quality content is easily shared and well received by everyone, so focus on making the best video possible.

Understand Your Audience

Most people fail to understand their target audience when they are making a video and then wonder why the video never generated the interest they were expecting (or hoping for).

You need to be in tune with the demands of your customers. This means getting to know their likes and dislikes, age demographics and what will capture their attention. All these details may seem trivial and unnecessary, but are highly important. By understanding your audience you will be in a better position to create video content that attracts and maintains their attention. Time spent doing research on your target market and the consumers is time well spent.

Keep it Clean and to the Point

When making your video provide your viewers with a lead-in that gives them a reason to continue watching your video. Keep the content precise and easy to understand by avoiding corporate jargon and let the viewers know at the start of the video, about the potential positives and benefits they will gain from watching the content. This will keep your viewers interested and if the message resonates with them, they will stick around to enjoy the full video.

Plan your Video before Production

If you really want to create engaging video content, then you will have to make proper plans in order to do so. Quality videos are not made by accident, there is a lot of planning and effort that goes into creating them. Make a list of all the things that you are going to need in your video. This includes topic, titles, keywords, filming locations and distribution channels. A video designed for social media distribution may require a different strategy & production process compared to a video designed for a company homepage. Like most things in life, preparation is the foundation of your video success.

Entertain or Educate

There is so much online material competing for your viewers attention that it is crucial to present your information in a pleasing and watchable format.

Even if your content is full of relevant information your viewer numbers will drop off if the video does not engage your audience. By incorporating video footage, motion titles, animation, music, voice over, interviews and photos you can make a video that is both informative and entertaining. By involving more visual and aural senses you enforce your main message and keep it top of mind of your viewer. 


Take a risk

What makes a video popular these days? Being unique. There is no point in making a video that is similar to every other video in your market. There are lots of different ways and techniques in which you can make your video stand out from the competition. Try to think outside of the box and do something that has never been done before. These are the sort of videos that attract the most viewers and have the higher ratings.

Coming up with quality video content is not easy. It is also not an exact science. What works for one industry may not necessarily work for another. If you are looking to make videos that will engage your customers then you will need to plan, produce, analyse and tweak to see what is working and what is not. 

The above mentioned tips will help you make your videos more engaging, attract more viewers and ultimately increase your potential client-base as well.