7 Tips for getting the most out of your Social Media Videos

There is no doubt about the fact that diligently and efficiently using your company videos can absolutely have a very favourable effect on your social media marketing campaigns.

However, it is paramount to realise when you should use what type of videos to enhance your brand’s online visibility; you have to be able to connect to your target audience appropriately, driving the best results. And this is one of the primary reasons you should outsource your video campaigning to professional and reputed online video production services.


In light of this, mentioned below are the 7 top most effective ways you can boost the online marketing for your brand or services using company videos:


  1. Always Get to the Point, Increase Conversations

Fact is, 70% to 80% online visitors are more likely to make a purchase or subscribe for a service after watching a video describing the product and/or service. This means that your video ‘MUST’ be able to sell your products right then and there. And the only way you can do that is by making the video short, to the point and promotional. The video should always highlight the foremost benefits of the product and its features.

So, for example, if you sell clothes, then instead of posting a video that has a gallery of clothing photos, shoot one with a model wearing your brand. Similarly, if you sell a service, explain what and how exactly it solves a certain problem.


  1. Lure in More Customers with How To Videos

How-to videos are exceptionally good at targeting customers that absolutely need to buy a product or those customers who are looking for an efficient solution to their recurring problem and they want to learn how to solve it. But it is your decision whether or not you want to teach them how they can solve it. As a matter of fact out of 3 Millennials, 1 states that customers end up buying a product they just saw a tutorial video about.

It is essential to understand that tutorial videos ‘MUST’ not have promotional content. Don’t try to sell your product. Instead show how customers can use your product to solve their problem.


  1. Onboarding

It is absolutely necessary to ensure that all your users experience a fun, easy and smooth onboarding process. Good onboarding guarantees a long-term relationship with your customers. Before you do anything else, first put yourself in the position of your customer and then try to figure out the most common use cases of the item you sell – and then start recording a video. For example, if you use a Mac it will be far more convenient to do it via QuickTime. Similarly, if you use Windows you can download a similar web app.

Go through all the use cases of your item and clearly clarify the entire process. Paste the link of your video in your welcome email and send it out.


  1. Reduce your Customer Care Services

Screencasts are excellent for helping you with onboarding your customers, however, they can also be used to minimize the number of calls you get in regards to customer services. Instead of using FAQs, creating a video that already has all the answers to all the questions your customers may ask can significantly boost your reputation, credibility and brand loyalty. You can paste the link of your screencasts in an email message and send it to your customers and potential customers.


  1. Using Testimonials to Develop Social Proof

The fact that only a crowd can lure in a bigger crowd is definitely a truism. And one of most efficient and powerful ways to attract your target customers is through showcasing your testimonials and client feedback. Testimonials reveal the real value of your products and your services; they reveal how credible you are and how true your product is. In order to do this effectively, ask a couple of your most loyal customers to record an honest-to-god testimonial for you in a video. You can either invite them to your office or go to them with all the necessary equipment.

Let them talk about your product freely, let them describe how good the features of your product are and how it has helped them and/or how efficient it is. Testimonials are important and are one of the major drive-factors in any online marketing campaign.


  1. Boosting Sales and Marketing with Video Advertisements

Online advertisements on videos have become another powerful medium for driving sales. According to a statistical report about 72% of ad agencies state that online advertisements have become more effective than TV commercials. And that is solely because of the fact that online videos have faster click through rates – a factor of three if you compare it with TV commercials.


  1. Consistently Target Website Visitors

Another considerably effective and efficient measure to ensure your video marketing is a success is to consistently target your website’s visitors or those who frequent your YouTube channel but for some reason could not or did not turn into a lead. On a social media network, or on the more popular Facebook, develop a custom audience link specifically refocusing on all website visitors; you can paste the link on your product page. Plus, you can even create a dedicated ad campaign on your YouTube channel – making a video remarketing category.


The Bottom Line

There is no question that in today’s competitive market environment, videos are absolutely everywhere and have become a powerful element in social media marketing. There is just a plethora of videos you can create and dedicate to your customers, enhancing your product’s visibility and to turn customer visits into permanent leads.

Hence, these are some of the absolutely best ways you can use your videos to drive more sales and form a more solid relationship with your customers.