5 Ways you can use video in your medical practice/surgery to help boost communication, sales and patient satisfaction.



Using medical videos can save businesses time, reduce staff costs and allow them to better educate their patients.


Savvy Doctors and Healthcare providers are starting to use video in a number of strategic ways to help run their businesses efficiently but what is the best use of video in the Medical Field?


Well, there really are numerous strategies and ideas however we have listed below some of the more common and “best bang for buck” solutions.


Here are 5 uses for medical video productions to help you get started.


Patient Success Stories: use video to show how you helped your patient overcome their condition and lead a happier life.


Service Videos: highlight the range of services you offer and then benefits these provide to your patients.


Facility Videos: guide your patients and potential patients through your beautiful facilities eg. reception, waiting rooms, operating theatres etc.


Video FAQ: Whether it be general or specific questions regarding topics such as pre/post-operation guidelines, video is a great way to answer common questions that patients may have.


Education Videos: use video to educate on patients on rehabilitation, latest news, advances in the field and other relevant information.


Medical Video Production Professionals



In recent years Encore Media has partnered with large and start-up healthcare companies, local government departments, hospitals and healthcare professionals to provide effective training and communications solutions to their medical businesses.


The team at Encore Media have experience in all types of filming situations, from the consulting rooms to the operating theatre.  Our staff are enthusiastic, understanding, adaptable and friendly. We are able to communicate with your staff and patients in a professional and respectful manner while still getting the visual assets required to complete your medical video projects.


We would love to help you make your next medical video project a success. Get in touch with one of our team members now to discuss your requirements to see if we are a good fit.


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