Successful Medical Video Production Ideas

A customised medical video can help your company save staff time, reduce your costs, and promote your product or procedure.

Whether you operate a hospital, private clinic or a medical supplies company, video is a powerful tool to raise awareness of your services and remove the obstacles that may prevent your clients or patients from employing your business.


Video is one of the most effective and engaging ways to:

  • Educate patients & doctors about a complicated or new procedure/product
  • Streamline treatment & recovery
  • Market your services to your target audience


Using a combination of on-location, studio filming, animation, and multi-media, medical videos can assist in a wide range of areas within the healthcare industry as outlined below:




Capturing the practice of medicine in the real world, medical procedure videos are an excellent to for explaining complicated healthcare topics in a more effective and engaging manner.

Unlike traditional learning methods such as studying thick texts or illustrations, medical education videos allow you to understand healthcare treatments, procedures, and rehabilitation strategies in a more engaging way that targets both visual and auditory senses of the viewer.



Every business is looking to get an edge over the competition and the medical industry is no different. Video allows you to separate your services and products by highlighting the benefits of doing business with your company.

There are many areas where video can help improve your marketing.

  • Doctor Talk series to answer common questions
  • Patient Success Testimonials
  • “How-to-videos” (product use, home treatment)
  • Entertaining and informative social media updates including health tips and information
  • Tour Guides to Introduce new facilities & equipment
  • Meet the Doctor/Staff
  • Combine with email, newsletters and other office communications
  • Welcome to the practice; office overview/orientation




Whether you are talking to a sales team, a gathering of patients or an eager group of school children wanting to learn about a healthy lifestyle, video is the most effective way of conveying information in an engaging and informative manner.

It is important when sharing new information that the delivery is designed to maximise audience engagement. By combining the power of multi-media, video and animation, you are assured of maintaining your audience’s attention.



New products are coming to market daily in the healthcare industry. An informative video can help your sales staff and clients to better understand the benefits of your product.

A product demonstration video can be accessed either online or offline and helps reduce customer questions post-sale and has been shown to lower the number of product returns due to not understanding how to use the product correctly.



Video presentations are a powerful way to attract crowds and promote your products or brand at  industry trade shows. An professionally produced video will highlight your booth and attract attention to your area. Video can also be used on self-playing monitors to attract, educate, inform or sell while your staff are working the booth. Another powerful and effective approach is to record video of a live presentation at the trade show. Presenters can be recorded and the video used later for educational and/or marketing purposes to highlight the value in attending such events.


Video is such a powerful tool in this technology driven world. Encore Media can work with you to determine a strategy and style that best suits your goals. Encore Media has developed healthcare and medical videos for leading clinics, surgeons, specialists and medical supply companies and have the experience to ensure your video is a success.

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