Online Video

Online Video



Your website visitors take a second to decide to leave or stay on your website; even after all the hard work and money you just spent getting them there. One of the most effective ways to keep visitors on your page is by adding online video to your home page.

Adding online video increases time spent on your site, reduces bounce rates and drives a greater volume of traffic—three key ranking metrics to achieving a higher search engine results.

• Online video plays a vital role throughout the buying cycle

• Online video marketing content draws action, thus has a strong effect in driving qualified leads

• Online video builds confidence and trust during your initial and actual sales process

However, if you are still unsure that an investment in web video will help your marketing goals and revenue targets, here are three main reasons that may change your decision:

1. Simply put, your customers love web video as it helps inform them about your service or product. Today’s savvy customers expect, and want, meaningful and highly engaging interactions. Not only do your website videos provide more information to potential customers, but they’re also much more engaging and entertaining.

2. With some thought and preparation many business videos can remain relevant relevant for several years. Case studies and video testimonials can last even longer, as these are real life testimonies and examples of a company’s accomplishments that will never go away.

3. Online videos can be repurposed across almost every part of your sales and marketing cycle:

• Post your highly informative video to all your social media sites like Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter • Boost click thru rates by integrating it to email marketing campaigns • Drive website traffic by adding a quality video to every page of your website. Every video is a chance to write a separate blog post • Improve engagement in conventional offline advertisements by integrating video through QR code to your offline advertising • Provide links to your sales team so they’re sending quality and informative video in their daily sales communications to new potential customers.

You have spent enough time getting engaging online video production content, now all you need to do is to watch it grow in value as it is viewed, commented, and shared.