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Case Study Video Production

Based in the beautiful setting just outside of Hobart is Frogmore Creek Winery. It is one of Tasmania’s, if not Australia’s, leading restaurants. With a world-class head chef Reuben leading the way the venue has built a solid reputation in the hospitality industry. Frogmore is known for high standards and they use nothing but the best in their venue which is why they also use Meiko Industrial Dishwashers. Encore Media was commissioned by Meiko to create a case study video to highlight the relationship between their customers and clients.

Testimonial videos are a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool that can be used by any company to ramp up their video marketing strategy both online, on social media, websites as well as offline avenues. By combining interviews with b-roll footage the viewer is able to better understand the video message.

Case study video company

Case Study Video Production

In the case study video we created, the staff of Frogmore discuss their experiences working with the Tasmanian distributor for Meiko products. All companies enjoy huge success based on great customer service and dedication to providing satisfaction at all levels. We could see first hand the absolute dedication each company has to their respective customers.

Encore Media was involved in each step of the production for this case study. Working closely with the marketing manager we were able to combine our experience and expertise to create a video that effectively conveys the Frogmore story. Our video production team flew down to Tasmania for one day to film the interviews and location footage. All post-production was then undertaken back at out Sydney office. Encore Media has a video production network reaching all states of Australia, Northern America and parts of Asia.

Case Study Videos are a natural way to market your company and it’s solutions. Encore Media, based in Sydney but able to film nation-wide, is an expert in creating effective video marketing collateral. To start creating your next case study testimonial video get in touch with us now at: or Ph: 1300 189 700