Common Myths about Professional Corporate Video Services Debunked

What if you could find a way to market your services and products in an effective way? What if you could enhance your online visibility, interact with customers, and boost the popularity of your brand at the same time? Well, all of this is possible with video marketing. There are 2 aspects of video marketing: creating a video to market your services and products, and the second is a corporate video that showcases the primary goals and objectives to the audience.

In either case, both prove incredibly effective at getting your message across the target audience and reach new clients and customers. Although corporate video marketing is relatively a new form of brand promotion, it proves essential in garnering the audience’s trust. Since it is new, you may also find lots of hearsay or myths surround this marketing medium and the industry as a whole.

This results in numerous companies contemplating whether or not it is good to employ this new technique and hire a professional corporate video service. To assure you that hiring professional corporate video services is actually a good option, let’s debunk a few common myths surrounding it:

Professional Corporate Video Services Are Too Expensive

While it is true that professional corporate video services can prove more expensive than making your own video, the return on investment you get with high-quality video production is unmatchable to any marketing strategy, technique, or tool. Even so, hiring professional corporate video services doesn’t have to break the bank. All you have to do is choose the right company!

This means you need to put in some time and effort into researching the best companies in this niche. You can search online or ask friends and people in your social circle for referrals. Not only will this make it possible to produce a corporate video that meets your needs and budget, but it will also make way for future video productions that could potentially enhance your online presence.

Video Production Methods Are Too Complicated and Time-consuming

This is clearly a misconception! Hiring a professional corporate video service actually makes creating the video and planning, ordering, reviewing, and managing it a whole lot easier. In fact, when you work with a professional video service company, you don’t have to worry about the process taking up too much of your time. All you have to do is create the vision and list the video goals, and the rest will be handled by the service team.

Bear in mind these services have years of experience in developing videos and they know exactly what should be done to increase the likeability of your corporate video and add a few interesting and attractive details. Even low-budget corporate video companies will get your video ready in as few as 14 days.

No One Will See or Find My Video Created By Corporate Video Services

This is clearly not true, as professional corporate video services have the required knowledge and experience with regards to marketing videos. This means they know exactly how to get the word out about your video and boost your online presence. According to YouTube Statistics, 100 hours of video footage is uploaded almost every minute.

Not to mention, more than 600 billion hours of video is watched EVERY MONTH! With such huge potential in the video domain, it is highly unlikely that your video will not gain the attention it demands. People are looking for funny, humorous, and informative videos. Apart from this, people relate most to people. By creating corporate videos that have employees or clients talking about their experience with your brand, you can attract more traffic.

Views Don’t Equal Success in the Corporate Video Marketing World

Again, this is made-up foolishness. Number of views doesn’t equal success. It shows you exactly how many people played your video, hence making monitoring video traffic less frustrating. Of course, you can’t figure out the behavior of the viewer before or after the video, but there are other ways to gauge viewer interest. For instance, a 90-second video that shows a majority of its viewers dropping or clicking back after 10 seconds shows the video isn’t successful.

This means even if your video receives 20 million views, it might still perform dismally in terms of delivering the results you are looking for. Professional corporate video services make the task easier by calculating the number of views and also measuring quantifiable audience behavior. They do so by monitoring the ROI, subscription rate, click-through rate, and attention span of customers.

Corporate Video Services Production Is Not Always Of the Highest Quality

Ultimately, the entire aim of hiring a professional video service company is to produce a high quality video that fosters customer loyalty, influences a purchase decision, encourages brand recall, and increases brand awareness. So, this too is a useless MYTH that has been leading to confusion for many businesses. Make sure you hire a renowned and well-known corporate video service and notice the impact on overall ROI and video quality.

Regardless, even if your video is not of the highest quality, it doesn’t matter. The goal of any corporate video is to encourage brand recalls and foster customer loyalty. This means, as long as customers and viewers are able to relate to your brand, you can still rock the boat and establish a name in the industry without producing high-quality videos.

Our Product Is Too Complex To Be Understood By Corporate Video Services

This thought may have crossed the minds of some entrepreneurs, as it is a common conundrum. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about your product being too complex to be understood by corporate video services. In fact, you should feel open about sharing your ideas with them. This only increases the chances of creating a successful video that perfectly describes and represents the core values of your organization.

So, does hiring a professional corporate video services company prove a bad option? Well, we don’t think so and now that these myths have been debunked, you can see it can offer great value.

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