Why use Testimonial Videos?

Video is a standout amongst the best internet marketing strategies accessible to businesses today. Testimonial Videos (a.k.a customer videos or case study videos) are extremely important for any company. Allowing the viewer to see and hear from real life customers develops an instant feeling of trust with the viewer.

Despite the fact that we do a ton of planning before a shoot, a testimonial video should be as natural and authentic as possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a comfortable environment for the person in front of the camera. We want their message to resonate with your audience and that can only happen when people speak from the heart.can help you increase your search engine rankings, drive more leads to your site and help grow your medical practice!

Encore Media works with businesses  and not-for-profit organisations around Sydney and metropolitan areas.

What makes a great Testimonial Video?



Case Study videos tell the real experiences of you best clients.



No scripts. The best videos are told in the customers own words, telling their own story without overtly scripting the conversation. 


Problem-Solution Narrative

Great Testimonial Videos highlight the clients problem and how it was solved using your services. 


Not overly promotional

These videos are about your customer/s. The story is the sales tool and should not be pushy or an obvious sales video.

Video Marketing Works

  • 40% of people respond better to visual information than printed material
  • Almost 300% conversion in website visitors when video is used on your site

Experienced Video Production and Strategy Company

We originally got in touch with Encore Media via a google search and whilst we had other service providers referred to us we were drawn to Encore via the work displayed on their website.


Admittedly, not engaging with Encore via a referral we were a little apprehensive, but that was put to rest very early on in the process.


Troy and the team were extremely accommodating with their time and very professional and this was hugely important to us because we knew he was going to be dealing with one of our most significant clients.


Most importantly the final product was everything we wanted and even beyond our expectation. It was clear that what we detailed in our scope was taken on board and delivered to an extremely high standard.


We will definitely be using Encore in the future and have no hesitation in strongly recommending their service.

Micahel Ferella, Director, Momenta Advisers