Tips for Using Testimonial Video Strategies for Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to making a purchasing decision, effective testimonial video strategies are paramount. When you think about it, you wouldn’t hire a contractor to install something in your house unless a friend or a colleague gave you a good referral. Or at least that’s how it used to be.

Nowadays, in the age of the internet and social media, there is an extremely effective way to show potential customers your own referrals and make your business stand out using testimonial video strategies to boost your marketing campaigns.

What Makes a Video Testimonial Great

Video testimonials are short clips where your customers – real customers! –  share their experiences and their opinions about your services. But the goal of a video testimonial isn’t just to show how great your business is, a great video testimonial strategy gives viewers a sample of what they would get if they become your customers.

A great video testimonial is divided into 3 parts: the story, the facts, and the call-to-action. If you watch a testimonial video and you are convinced by it, you would most likely be able to find these 3 separate parts. To understand why this is so, you must learn about one of the fundamental principles of marketing.

The Golden Circle of Marketing Strategies

Simon Sinek came up with the idea of the Golden Circle of Marketing, and it is a very simple concept worth knowing. Basically, when creating content for a marketing campaign, you should start in the innermost part of the circle, ‘Why’, and move towards the outer parts, ‘How’ and ‘What’.

Successful Testimonial Video Ideas

Testimonial Video Strategies

This means you should begin by explaining Why someone would want to hire your services, then you share How your business can help them, and only at the end you explain What they should do. Now, let’s take a look at each of these 3 parts individually.

Why: Telling a Story in a Video Testimonial

Every one of your video testimonials should begin with a personal story. Find a good storyteller that gives your audience a sense of credibility, because you don’t want your testimonial to sound fake or forced, but also a feeling of familiarity. The storyteller should be an example of your target audience – or as it’s called in marketing, a Buyer Persona – and the story should be one that your audience can connect with.

Take a short time to give some context so the viewer relates to the story. Then quickly move on to the problem: the breaking point in the story where the customer is in trouble and needs a solution. Who has that solution? Your business!

With a short story that shows a problem-solution situation, you will help the viewer relate to the video and understand why they might be interested in your services.

How: Explain your Service and Share Evidence

A good story is a perfect ice-breaker, but you need to add some facts in order for viewers to trust you. Immediately after the storytelling is over, share some objective evidence that your products and services are useful. This is the perfect moment to show any client satisfaction statistics or scientific tests you may have.

You should also give some details on how your business works. Make it as personal and relatable as possible. Remember: the viewer just heard a real story about a previous customer, then got some facts about your business, so now it’s time to add your personal touch: anything that makes your business special from a human interaction point of view.

What: Give a Clear Call-to-action

The final part of the video testimonial is the call-to-action. The viewer relates to your business and trusts you, so it’s time to tell them what the next step is. Make the call-to-action stupidly obvious, so there’s no doubt: the viewer knows exactly what they should do in order to experience the same results as the customer in the story.

Testimonial Video Strategies improve your Marketing Strategies

Now that you know why you should create video testimonials and how video testimonials work, what should you do next? It’s time to create your own testimonial video strategy!

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