How to use Testimonial Videos for your business success?

One sure-fire way to improve sales is testimonial video, a strategy that employs first-person narratives of how a product or service helped a customer with their problems or concerns. Why should you consider choosing video testimonials?

By The Numbers

Two out of three people will choose a business based on the referral of their peers. While the input of friends and family may be more important than a stranger, it should be noted that in most cases it is not possible to get a first-person account of a company simply from the people that you know. Even if a person is a perfect stranger, people will trust their advice when they are looking for a solution — just like people trust the advice of strangers when they ask for directions or what meals at a restaurant are particularly tasty. You can potentially increase your exposure five-fold by using video testimonials.

Testimonial Video for Business

Testimonial Video for Business

Don’t Say It, Have Other People Say It

Paying actors to recite lines on camera in a false environment is very rarely the best way to promote a product. Clients prefer to see someone who is very clearly not an actor — and the difference between the two is usually quite apparent — when they are looking at a company’s testimonials.  Today, testimonial video captures the full range of emotion and intensity of a customer in ways that the printed word never could.

Happy Clients

Start by thinking about what happy clients and customers your business has serviced in the past few months. You want to call people who have had a positive experience and can remember most of the details about the operations. Simply calling up or emailing old clients is an excellent way to get free testimonials, since many people are willing and excited to be on camera even if they are not compensated for it. Have them talk about the expectations of the product or the job, about whether it was completed and delivered on schedule, and about how well your organization worked with them to provide a satisfactory outcome.

A professional video production company has the experience to ensure the customer is relaxed and comes across well on camera. If you are interested in creating a testimonial video strategy for your business please contact us and we will be only too happy to offer advice.