Become an Industry Thought Leader?

Do you want to be the go to person/company in your industry?

Our Thought Leader package let’s you create fresh, powerful content for your website/blog. These videos are designed to show your expertise and establish you as a leading knowledge provider in your field.

There are a range of practical videos that you can be produced to establish your expertise and thought leadership in a particular industry. The following video formats are useful to build your own thought leadership credentials.

  • Interviews/Q & A– Being interviewed on camera is an ideal way to demonstrate your personal knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. Encore Media can produce a series of interview videos with prepared question and responses.
  • Online Tutorials – An short, well planned online tutorial allows you to impart your knowledge and provide valuable solutions to your audience.
  • Vlog/Video Podcast/WebTV – Create your own webTV show to engage your audience and build credibility. These video series can discuss relevant topics in your industry and interview other important professionals to build your portfolio. Audio podcasts can also be created from the video to give you more content marketing channels for your audience.

Encore Media will work closely with you to devise a strategy that works for your business, products and services. Our process includes concept, scripts, production and promotion of your video with a practical video marketing strategy.


Whether your goal is to connect with your potential clients, promote your products/services or simply to entertain, our creative and skilled producers will design a solution to match your requirements.

Videos are a fantastic way to your exposure and boost online presence. Get your video marketing campaign rolling with one of our packages.

“I have used Encore Media for over 2 years and they have helped produce and create exceptional videos for my business. They have the ability to take words and make magic. I highly recommend Encore Media, thank you! ”

— Maureen Bell, Speak With Presence

Video Moves Business

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