Staff vs Actors – Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos, much like all the other mediums of social media, have evolved in procedure and style ever since their inception. In the old days, these videos were basically long indirect exposes of company values, which would definitely put today’s audience to sleep. However, in recent times creating short corporate videos has proven to be incredibly valuable for driving business and sales.

This is mainly because corporate videos are a cost-effective way of up-skilling existing employees and inducting new staff. Not to mention, these videos also improve your credibility, help inform users or viewers about brand aims, and provide an honest look into the inner-working of your company, all of which are crucial for delivering possible business partners and clients a feel of openness.

But, should you use real staff or professional actors for the video production? Well, both options have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Nevertheless, here is a list of the pros and cons of each that can help you with the decision-making process:

Using Staff in Corporate Videos


  • Authenticity – Using staff in your videos and showing them complete common tasks can provide real credibility and authenticity for your brand. This is mainly because current employees add a more genuine and honest feel to the video, as they have good knowledge and understanding of the workplace, hence fostering a sense of ownership and pride about what they do.
  • Reach Potential Employees – The world is smaller than it was ever before – thanks to the internet. When job seekers look at videos with real staff members talking about the benefits of joining the company, it automatically convinces them into trying their luck. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach potential employees.
  • Well-Aware of Workplace Culture – Like all areas of your business, corporate videos should reflect the values and culture of your brand. Since existing employees are well-aware of the workplace culture in your organization, they can prove more effective in providing an overview of your business to attract employees.
  • Honesty Looks and Sounds Good – More than simple beauty and physical attractiveness, the honesty of what your employees say can be a bonus to appealing to your audience. This adds that touch of charisma and magnetism that is bound to win over audiences.


  • No Experience – Not all employees feel comfortable with the idea of performing tasks on camera and may not exactly be able to deliver a strong message about your brand confidently. This means, if you do ask staff to get involved, make sure it’s voluntary. Otherwise, the lack of experience may make many people feel awkward or shy. You must carefully select your employees to make the corporate video production a success.
  • Hesitation – Many employees may feel unsure about performing in front of a camera, thus they may be hesitant to speak openly about your brand. Usually, a pre-shoot session will do good, but that only increases video production costs. So, you need to find employees that are confident in what they say, as even a simple walk towards camera takes loads of timing and practice.
  • Poor Video Shelf Life – One of the main risks of using employees in corporate videos is that in the future; they may leave the workplace (and even join a competitor company). Not only does this jeopardize the shelf life of your videos, but it also leads to a bad corporate image. Therefore, it is vital that the employees you choose for the corporate video, stay loyal and that too for a long period of time.

Using Actors in Corporate Videos


  • Versatility – Professional actors are well-trained and experienced in what they do and can add that spark to your corporate video. They can also make huge changes or small adjustments on the fly, hence increasing the likeability of your video and boosting your corporate image.
  • Good timing – Nothing can substitute the ability to land a punch line or hit a dramatic pause (or even both) in the same sentence. Professional actors have great knowledge regarding pauses and punch lines and can find the “beats” in a script, which could lead to the success of your corporate video and make certain scenes “sing”.
  • Better Memorization – Actors often face the common question, “How do you memorize all those lines?” The answer is that they usually repeat their lines ENDLESSLY! They are trained and experienced in learning difficult lines and have better memorization skills than a normal employee would have.
  • Professional work habits – Professional actors don’t only bring huge talent on the tablet, but they also know their lines, show up on time, and seek to understand your organizations core values and goals. All of this can prove incredibly beneficial for the success of your corporate video.


  • Agencies – Every city is filled with agents handling actors (and taking cuts out of their pays). This means, in order to get that perfect actor, you may be required to pay a sizeable fee for accessing their talent pool. Of course, you may find what you’re looking for, but you have to pay for all those days you use the actor.
  • Pay for Services– Acting is a career and a job, which means they need to be paid for their services. Therefore, where you can simply use an employee in your video for no cost, hiring professional actors may require you to pay hefty fees that could raise the costs of your video production. So, be prepared to pay them, typically at a flat rate for a day’s work.
  • Sign a Contract – Oftentimes actors are part of unions and agencies that work with the watchdogs of the internet world, radio, TV, and film. An actor who is a part of either agency or union may require you sign and pay the actor by contract. This means, if you aren’t willing to play by the union rules, your actors may have to walk away from production.

So, now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of each, determining which options works best for you won’t be a problem.