Using Video to Promote Your Next Corporate Event

The days of traditional marketing are long gone, and online videos have become an indispensable communication tool for businesses. An increasing number of enterprises are starting to realize the value of online video to market their corporate event.

When you are preparing for the next big event, why not leverage the services of an event video production company to put together an impressive video to spread the word about your event?

Here are some ways video can be utilised to maximise the exposure of your next corporate event.


Pre-Event Video

Press Release

An interactive video included with your press release gives the media a quick way to find out more about your event. A press release with video included will stand out amongst the 100’s of other standard press releases that are all vying for attention.  Statistics reveal that press releases that include a video get viral quickly and receive 55.4 percent more views compared to others that do not.

Speaker Bios

Videos are a great way to introduce keynote speakers, presenters, sponsors and entertainment for your events. Attendees can gain valuable information about relevant presentations and the videos can build excitement and anticipation.

Upload Videos Onto the Event Website

A reputable video production company can create an effective video for your event website. The promotional video can attract potential attendees and shared on social media channels.

Post Your Event Video on YouTube

With over 3 billion searches a month, YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube gives you a perfect platform to post your video and get maximum exposure. A video clearly telling the story behind the event is a great way to educate your audience about your objective. Engaging attendees during and after the event will keep the buzz going.  

Promote Your Video on Social Media

Your event video production company can create a high profile video and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels to make your event video viral and begin an online conversation about the meeting, attracting more and more prospects to attend.


Catch the Event Live

Live event videos give you the opportunity to capture the event as it unfolds.  Webcasting the keynote addresses is a great way to extend the footprint of the meeting beyond the four walls and promote your next event.

·         Video record the company executives discussing something important about the event, company, or a specific product that generates excitement among the viewers.

·         Include QR codes in all your printed material related to the event videos that can be watched by attendees on their handheld devices.

·         Use a video wrap-up to include key themes and topics and event highlights in order to keep it fresh in the audience memory.

·         Do not forget to make a live event video to thank sponsors, attendees, and speakers who helped make the event a success.

Use Previous Event to Promote Future Events

After the event is over, event video production company can create an edited video of the highlights to remind the attendees of how spectacular the meeting was while demonstrating to non-attendees what they have missed. Post video recordings of the event for on-demand viewing. Featuring sponsors in the video can attract them to use it as a marketing tool, thus indirectly helping you gain more attention.

Let your event video marketing company make impressive visual videos for promotion before, during and after the event to improve presence at future events.