Video Editing and Post-Production Services

There is no substitute for nice clean footage. In the ideal world all video would be shot and recorded using correct lighting, backgrounds and audio capture equipment. However, in the real world this is not always possible. For various reasons such as budget, equipment, location etc. sometimes even the best-laid plans can fail.

At Encore Media our Video Editing services can help save you footage and turn it into a useable asset to promote your company.

We were recently asked to re-edit a short testimonial video from a previous client. The video was self shot and was not terrible but was not great either. If you take a look at the “before” still frame taken from the video, you will notice the plant protruding from the right hand side, a light switch (??) on on the back wall, something protruding from the left side of frame. The speaker, although in a nice position would ideally have been placed on the other side of the frame so she was facing the empty space and framed slightly higher in the picture to conform with the “rule of thirds”. These are all technical aspects that we take into consideration when planning a video shoot and we do not expect our clients to understand (nor care about) all these points.

The client asked if we could add some titles and clean-up the video so they could use it on their website. With our experience and expertise our editors were able to turn the video into a highly presentable testimonial video without having to undergo the time and cost of re-shooting the video.



The “After” still frame shows all the distracting elements of the “before” photo have been removed, the speaker has been moved and raised to the other side of the frame for a more natural position, titles and names have been added. In addition, the audio was cleaned up and boosted to make it more audible.

The client now has a very powerful testimonial video that can be used online and offline to promote their services.

If you have footage laying around and not sure of the options available to you then contact us now to see how you can turn your footage into a useful and effective web video.

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