Why should we choose Encore Media to produce our videos?

At Encore Media we use unique storytelling techniques to convey your story to your viewers in an interesting and informative way. We avoid the typical boring videos in which viewers switch off almost immediately. Our production workflow allows us to fully understand you and your business story so that we can convey this to your target audience in an informative and interesting way.


How long is the final video?


Videos vary in length depending on the type of production. Obviously a documentary will generally be longer than a promotional video. For promotional videos, shorter is generally best with studies showing videos of 30 seconds to 2 minutes having the best click through and viewer engagement. We work with you to get your message across in the most efficient time. No beating around the bush…..



I have a small to medium sized business – what can video do for me?

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Video is an outstanding choice for smaller companies, because it can accomplish so much.  It can act as sales person, spokes model, PR campaign, and product demo all without additional staff.  Video can be in a million places at once, getting your message out there.

Video can help you respond quickly to changes or new ideas in your specific market so that you always appear to be on the leading edge of information – and that can be the difference in a customer choosing you over the other guy.

Video can adapt to almost any need and any budget, and one video shoot can be edited into a variety of different uses, making it a very cost effective use of your budget.


How can I look good on camera?


Practice!  One of the best things you can do is be comfortable and natural- and that means practicing before the video shoot takes place.  You will know what words you want to emphasize, where you want a micro pause, and facial expressions and gestures that enhance your message.

When people watch your video, it should feel like your message is just for them, with all the personality you would show if you were sitting in front of them instead of being on video.

Choose clothes that fit well and give you confidence, but stay away from patterns, stripes and prints.  Consider a professional if you aren’t comfortable doing hair and makeup yourself so you look your best when the camera starts rolling.


How long should my video be?


A variety of factors can go into that including audience, purpose, and where/when the clip will be viewed, but generally any video over 3 minutes (and that can be too long depending on the content) risks losing the impact you want to achieve.

We often advise that you produce multiple, shorter videos rather than one longer one if you are trying to give a lot of information.  It enables your message to stay sharp and focused – and to actually be viewed by the audience you are targeting.

But your video needs to be as long as your message warrants, even if that is longer than 3 minutes.

How can video help with SEO?


Video can help SEO efforts in a number of ways.  Search results for video are clicked on at a higher rate than text only results, pages that include video have a longer visit time which ranks them higher, and providing transcribed text of the video also allows for keywords to be searched.

Video can also offer a lot of chances for links and shares that will increase traffic to your page, and the votes your page has in the eyes of a search engine like Google.  Both of those factors will increase where your page lands in search results.

What elements are in an effective video?


An effective video is one that leaves your viewer understanding the purpose for the video, and makes them glad they spent the time watching it.

Steps include defining the purpose for the video (what do you want the viewer to know, feel, or do when the video is over) and then supporting that purpose with key points, production style and tone, and a script that seamlessly moves the viewer from start to finish in as short a time as possible.

An effective video is ultimately the one your viewers will watch.  Keeping focused on a clear purpose will help you reach that goal.