What is Video Marketing for Financial Planners and why should you care?

In 2017, video is an essential tool for any financial planning organisation looking to get noticed and grow their business online. Video marketing for financial planners will help your practice build a solid reputation, increase leads and convert more clients.

In an industry where trust and privacy is paramount video helps establish trust and build the firms reputation as a reliable professional. When used as a part of a strategy video can accelerate the planner and client relationship.


Five videos that every boutique financial planning firm needs


There is a lot of competition in the financial planning field. All businesses are looking for that competitive advantage that will help potential clients select their company over the competition.

Being a boutique firm allows you to connect with clients on a personal level. Through video you are able to show the “human side” of your business and staff. This is what separates you from the big multi-national companies.


There is a reason why you became a financial planner, a reason why are passionate about your work and why you are committed to your clients success.


People that are being introduced to your financial planning firm for the first time need to know those reasons. Working with a video strategy specialist will help you find your unique story and it is this story that will establish a connection with the viewer and attract new clients to your firm.



Below are five video types that allow you to tell the story of your business and also establish your firm as the go to authority for all financial planning needs.


1. Financial Planning Overview Video


This is a general introduction video showing your company philosophy, staff and expertise.

Your Overview Video should include:

  • The reason your firm does what it does.
  • short stories from successes with past clients.
  • What separates you from the competition
  • a brief history of your firm including awards, industry recognition
  • Finish with a Call to action – tell them how and why they need to contact you.


This video is not a sales video. It is an introduction to your service so it is best not to be too “salesy” or pushy.

As re-knowned marketer, Seth Godin states, “Marketing is no long about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell” so spend some time developing your company story.

2. Client Testimonial/Case Study Videos


Testimonial videos are a fantastic way for past satisfied clients to recommend your services to future clients. These work best when they are genuine, sincere feedback from your previous successes.


What should you ask your clients to talk about in client testimonial videos:

  • Why the recommend your law firm.
  • What their experience was like working with you and/or your financial planning team.
  • What were the results of their situation since coming under your advice
  • How likely they are to recommend your firm to family, friends, and colleagues.


Case Study videos are similar to testimonial videos however go into more depth about how you worked with a happy client. It should be told from both sides of the story and be more story-oriented. Elements of a good case study video include:

  • How you first started your business relationship
  • What problem the client needed solving
  • How your financial planning services helped solve the problem
  • How you continue to follow-up and ensure a strong relationship in the future


3. Landing Page Video


A landing page video can be a simple welcome message or an introduction to a particular service or product. Remember to always keep the content informative and practical for the viewer.


Good landing page videos will contain:

  • Short staff or Company introduction
  • Explain what they will find on this page eg. Introduction to services/products
  • Highlight why the service or product will be of benefit to the viewer
  • Contain a call-to-action

4. Educational/FAQ Video


There is a saying in marketing that goes, “Don’t TELL me how good you are, SHOW me how good you are”. This is where educational or FAQ videos work their magic.

Educational videos are one of the most effective forms of video available as they not only allow you to provide practical, useful knowledge to your viewer but they also work to establish you as a knowledgeable thought leader in the financial planning field.


How to create educational video content:

    • Answer the most common questions that your prospects ask when you do your initial consultations.
    • Have your list of topics that you need to cover.
    • Cover one topic/question per video. These videos can be short and sweet. Pose the question, provide an answer and end with a simple call-to-action.
    • Be sure to reference any statistics or data that is mentioned in the video.


5. Animation (Explainer) Video


The animation-style video is becoming much more popular and is great for explaining complex processes using a combination of motion graphics, statistics and images.


A good animation video will:

  • Be easy to understand
  • Positive and bright with upbeat voice over or music
  • Use text to reinforce key points



These educational videos are great for blog or social media content as they are short and easily shareable.




Like other marketing tools video is not a one hit wonder. It is rare that just one video by itself will have as much impact as a specific well-planned “video marketing for financial planners “strategy making use of a series of videos working together.


Each of the videos above are used to generate interest in your financial planning firm and lead potential clients into your sales funnel where you can convert them into long-term clients.


When used in conjunction with other marketing strategies these videos will help your company establish a solid reputation, build trust with potential clients and increase visibility online.