How to use Sport Video Production and Promotion for your Sports Clubs

Social media and sport video production have completely revolutionised the marketing world for sports clubs. More than ever it is possible to connect with fans, share information about your teams and promote events.

And nothing gets more attention on social media than short sport videos.

In this article, we will share some effective video marketing ideas for your sports team, your sports club and your sports events, so you know how to get the most out of this useful tool in a way the players, the staff and the fans all appreciate.

Keep the fans updated

The most obvious use of social media is sharing things that are happening at the moment. A few paragraphs of text can get lost amongst all the other info online. A picture can be better, but how much can you say in just one photo?

Short videos are the best way to share information. Share the starting lineup before a game, post the highlights of a game, goals or celebrations, introduce new players and more. The list is endless.

There are things happening all the time in a sports club, and the best way to let fans know what’s going on is with short sport videos. These do not need to be high production value. Simple smart phone videos shot nicely are perfect for this job.

Recall past glories

What happens when there is no news to share? For example, what videos could you post during the off-season? That’s the ideal situation to post old clips from your archives!

Older fans will feel delighted to remember great lineups and games from previous decades, while younger fans will get a better idea of what makes their club so great.

Sharing short clips from the past is also a very effective way of boosting the spirit of the players and staff: it makes them feel like they have a legacy to maintain.

Show behind the scenes

Most sports clubs have a strong bond with their communities. How can you use video marketing to strengthen that bond? One way is to show behind the scenes of your club.

There are many things happening in a sports club that the fans and the community are not aware of. You can showcase your facilities and take viewers on a tour of everything your club has to offer. You can also do interviews with the players about their personal life and make them more approachable. Put the spotlight on volunteers and key personnel.

You can also show how your club contributes to the community through donations or participating in special programs.

Share fan stories

If you really want to engage your fans – and probably get some new ones – you should make them the featured stars of some of your videos. Several sports club already do this: they take fans on guided tours, let them meet the players, ask them a few questions. And, of course, record the entire time and make a short and funny video out of the experience.

Even though every aspect of a sports club ihas a story, fans are the most authentic part. And that’s why fan stories are typically what gets more views and more reaction online. In the end. it is the fans that make your club so great.

Promote sport events

The great thing about social media is that you can share whatever content and information you want. A solid sport video marketing campaign is the best way to engage fans to participate in upcoming events, games, fundraisers etc.

Nowadays, video marketing strategies are based on social media, so your videos will be watched by fans, not because they are forced to, but because they want to.

Get the best video marketing

Now that you know why you should invest in sport video marketing, what should you do? Encore Media is here to help. We partner with sports clubs to help grow their brands by combining compelling video production with the latest in online marketing strategies.

If you’re ready to take your club promotions to the next level, contact us now for a no obligation chat.