Web-based videos are an increasing trend in today’s tech-savvy society.  They are mini-movies that can be viewed in an instant manner, often at no charge.  However, like any other type of videos, web based videos require a good deal of work in video post-production in order for them to speak the right language to its targeted audience.  

Color Correction and Audio Adjustment:  Video and audio is optimised during the  initial part of your video post-production. When video has vibrant colours and excellent sound, it will speak positive language and showcase the amazing quality of your product or service.

Video Editing: Video post-production typically entails a good deal of editing in order to make sure that the story flows in a manner that is easily understood by the viewer.  Since most internet videos are not shot in a single take, it is necessary to piece together the best shots from different takes.  It can be range from a simple to complex process, but the finished product is a video that flows seamlessly, making it more appealing to the viewer.

TV director at editor

TV director at editor

Graphics/Titling:  Quality video post-production can change the tone of a video.  In many cases, graphics and computer-generated special effects are added during post-production.  These special effects can change an incomprehensible video and give it meaning.  These often help add the “wow” factor to videos.

Soundtrack: Music can dramatically change the feel and emotion of the video. Finding the right music can be time consuming however it has such a large impact that it essential to find the right piece to portray the correct message in the video.

Internet films and videos are works of media art, and they require post-production work just like a cinematic production.  These mini-movies often need editing, special effects, and corrections in order to make them appealing to the public.  Video post-production is an often underrated part of the creative process, but it is the aspect that gives a video the polish necessary to make it marketable.