The best videos tell a story that engages the audience. People love stories and it is this element of your video marketing strategy that can draw customers in emotionally. Not only does storytelling foster a connection that is more likely to lead people into contributing to your cause or purchasing a product or service, but it can also prove useful in generating leads and increasing conversions and sales. But, how do you create a decent video storytelling?

Well, any decent novelist can tell you that characters are the HEART of the story. Most novelists come up with the characters before they dream of the plot. Often, they will say the story writes itself once you have created the characters. What would this particular person do in this situation? There’s your story! But of course there’s a lot more that goes into storytelling. So, follow these tips to create a compelling storytelling video, without sounding too corny.

Choose One Message – What Is the Main Purpose of the Story?

When it comes to creating a successful storytelling video, it is imperative that you decide on ONE message and one message ONLY! Way too many marketers make the mistake of describing too many points in a single video. Take it easy, one message at a time. Save some for the rest or other upcoming videos, geez. For now, determine what’s the main purpose of the story? Be selective! Keep in mind that the more messages you include, the more complicated your video will become.

The best marketers have lived by this rule for decades, regardless of what they sell. I can hear people saying, “But we’re trying to sell LAWNMOWERS”. Well, it may not exactly be a subject that can lead to storytelling, but then again storytelling can be fiction too (evil grin). What you can do here is: show a physically handicapped customer whose life was made easier, when he finally gave up on the push mower and purchased one of your fantastic riding lawnmower. Get the drift?


Identify Your Target Audience – Decide Who You’re Trying to Reach

You are creating a video for a reason. It’s not to communicate to your staff, partners, or even the PUBLIC. In fact, there is no such thing as “General Public” in video marketing. Target audience is the name and the GAME. So, identify your target audience and SPEAK to them in a way that compels them to purchase your products and/or services. It doesn’t even matter if you have to frame the story. If it appeals and emotionally connects with your target audience, you have achieved your goal.



So, before anything, it is imperative to decide who you’re trying to reach. Are you looking for investments? Create a video tailored to investment firms. Do you want to raise money or receive donations for a charitable event? Target people who have a history of attending donation drives! Keep in mind you can use a different tone for different audiences.

Create a Call to Action – What Do You Want The Audience to Do?

Once you have grabbed the audience’s attention, what do you want them to do? This is where creating an appealing call to action comes in handy that gently, but forcefully directs the audience to take a specific action on your behalf or purchase a product or service. But, how can videos include CTAs? Well, apart from including a strong message in the end of the video, you can utilize YouTube annotations or pop up CTAs and sign up forms. These two techniques are the best, yet underutilized mechanisms to make your CTA crystal clear, hence driving more traffic to your website.

Be Concise, Clear-Cut and to the Point – Keep Your Video Simple

The best videos have a message that is to the point, concise, and accurate! This means, every video you make doesn’t have to tell the whole story. Resist the temptation of adding different stories or elements and focus on ONE goal. Keep your video as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you go off on too many tangents and include too much information, it makes it harder for people to understand what the hell you’re talking about.

So, include ONLY what the VIEWERS need to know, as anything else will only be deemed unnecessary. This is turn could affect your brand image or result in the lack of viewership of your video. The simpler you’re video is, the more shares and eventual leads you will receive.

Create Aspiration – Make a Connection with the Audience

Make a connection with the audience and your organizations work. Find a way to communicate your goal in a compelling way and convince them into supporting your efforts or purchasing your products or services – not because YOU need them, but because THEY need you. This is how marketing works – finding people who are in need of your service and making a connection with them.

This is one of the main reasons why identifying your target audience is important. For instance, if you are hosting a fundraising event, you need to focus on delivering a message that as much about the cause and the donor. That’s how storytelling or perhaps any marketing strategy works.

Add a Personal Touch – People relate to People!

What works on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter? The answer is correct: a personal touch! So, think personal videos and not PSAs. People will in the end relate to PEOPLE. Subsequently, leverage this to your advantage and add a personal touch to convince more people into supporting your cause or purchasing your products or services. It doesn’t matter if you show a client who their prospects will relate to. All that matters is the person should be attractive, well-spoken, and most importantly friendly enough to tell the story in a way that actually gives people Goosebumps.

Start with the Best Video – Doesn’t Look Good? Start again!

After you have finished creating your video, ask yourself a simple question: “How long does it take for you to lose attention from the video?” If the answer is just the first few seconds, you can forget about ever attracting an audience. They will tune into something else, and that’s a fact! So, if your video doesn’t sound appealing or good enough in the first few seconds, make some changes or additions to create a story that doesn’t get off the minds of consumers easily.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, creating a compelling storytelling video won’t be a problem.