Do you notice these video marketing mistakes?

Video marketing has become an elemental strategy to boost brand recognition, responsiveness, loyalty and popularity. A majority of small, medium and large corporations are increasingly incorporating videos to market their products and services today. And that too for a solid reason – there is a truck load of information and statistics that can tell you how beneficial it can be for your business.

However, research and numbers that point out the power of online video marketing all boil down to one single thing – and that is the fact everybody just loves watching online info videos, video commercials and most definitely prefer gaining information by watching a video rather than looking at boring content pertaining to the products and services of a given company.

But there is one thing – a very crucial and fundamental aspect of video marketing and that is the fact that just simply making a video and uploading it doesn’t cut it and never will. This is something that many marketers fail to understand.

In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most common and crucial mistakes marketers make when marketing their product online through videos.

Zero Action Plan for Deployment and Implementation

The first biggest mistake that new and startup marketers make is failing to come up with a sound plan for video marketing. Many marketers make the mistake of repeatedly making customer and informational videos, which they post to YouTube and embed them into different websites – but that’s about it. They have no idea where to head next, what to do for another video. They treat this online medium of marketing as separate, whereas it is just a standard piece of content. Strategy is overly important in executing a great video marketing campaign.

Too Corny and Promotional

It is absolutely necessary to understand that people don’t just surf the net to watch commercials – they see a lot of advertisements on TV. However, it is important that your video is promotional, but to the point. The video should never be overdone. Most marketers make their videos sound like annoying salesman driving a hard-sell.

Always emphasize on the pleasure of the viewer, you have to keep them enticed, informed and entertained all at the same time – always assume that all your viewers are intelligent and reach out to them.

Senseless Website Placement

This is another mistake that many startup marketers make – no one’s saying that video marketing is cheap, especially for those who are on a slightly stingy budget. But then what’s the point in making a great video when you can’t manage to post them on sites that people visit? More often than not, you will see incredible video advertisements embedded on websites that look like they have been made when Windows 1999 came out, websites that are rarely visited. Although online videos have varying objectives when you talk about brand marketing and other marketing perspectives, which means a video on ‘About Us’ should always be on that page and not on the Homepage of your website.

No Clue as to who your Audience is

Most online video marketers that are just starting out or to be fair, do have a bit of experience, make this mistake. They start to target a wide range of demographics. It is simply silly; you can’t just appeal to a big audience region with video advertisements. Online videos should always be focused on targeting ‘your’ original niche or audience, not everybody.

Before making a video ad, first find out what your target market is and then release a bunch of videos offering them information pertaining to your products and services.

Boring Content

How many times have you clicked to watch a video and twenty seconds into the ad you close it a move on to another site? My guess, plenty of times! There is a very simple solution to this problem, which quite experienced online marketers sometimes end up making – and that’s DON’T MAKE IT BORING! That by the way is how a customer exactly feels when watching a video that would make a kid fall asleep let alone sell anything. Try not to put in too much information, only highlight best of what your product has to offer and why your audience should buy your product. Don’t bore them with every little detail.

Emphasizing on Going Hay Viral – Get it?

Many companies overly emphasize on making videos that they want to go viral with on the internet. And this overemphasis is what make things go from good to bad in a blink of an eye because it doesn’t make any sense when you talk about marketing your product.

Videos hits and increased views is a favorably used a metric of success of the advertisement, but from a commercial perspective this is a completely foolhardy way of defining the success of your product. For example, your video can be an absolute hit and let’s say over 10 million people see it, wow, right! But what if it just brings on only a measly $1000 in revenue? Think about it.

On the other hand a more strategized video that focuses on the target audience could perform poorly in terms of hits, but still rack in a considerable amount in revenue.

Using only YouTube to Post Videos

There is no doubt that YouTube is a popular platform for uploading videos in the world. But when you talk about marketing your brand, you have to understand that there are websites for the same purpose that can make your money. Relying on just one website for your video campaign restricts your product’s visibility.

So, try to post videos on other platforms as well.

The Bottom Line

You have to make the most out of your online videos, you have to score the real benefits, which means your video marketing campaign must always be pragmatic, functional, informative, entertaining and at the same time embody a high degree of professionalism. This is the only key to making a video advertisement campaign work in your favor, turning potential customers into permanent leads.