There are many elements that go into videos in today’s day and age. Movement, sounds, music, and background noises. Each of these plays an intricate role in not only captivating your attention but also informing you and moving you towards an emotion or an action depending on the video’s meaning or purpose. In many ways, web video production must also do the same thing as many other videos, except with a couple of minute limitations such as length and in some cases quality limit.

So what makes web video production so effective? How are companies like YouTube able to make their money and still survive on only the web video production postings? It is simple really, it is about the engaging and freedom they offer to watch web videos from just about anywhere you can access the internet as well as the large following of video watchers. Did you know that each person will watch approximately 140 YouTube videos every year, and that is for every person around the globe? Surprised? You shouldn’t be, as this is what makes web video production on only effective but also possible.


Every video needs a story line, whether it is a movie or some other form of video. This is what draws the attention of the viewer and not only sets the mood for the video but will also help to get your information across. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate but should mean something to the message you are wanting to get across to the viewers. In some ways this can be the hardest part and the easiest part of your web video production.

Make it Engaging

You want people to watch your web video production and keep their attention on the video as well as the finer details of the video. While a story-line will play a major role in this, so will the timing and the speed at which your video is moving. If your video is speeding through information, the viewer will more than likely lose interest as they will feel as though they are constantly missing something, and too slow will bore them out of their seats. You will want to ensure that you think of the viewer and their attention span throughout the web video production process to ensure you are getting the best results as possible from your viewers.


Problem Solving

If your web video production is for a business, whether it promotes a service or product, the customer or viewer will want to know what problem they will be able to solve in watching this web video production. They will want to know your purpose for showing them this production and why it is important to them to continue watching. In simple terms, people are selfish and want to know what they will get out of the information you are providing them and the benefits and qualities behind your web video production.

The Message

It’s the same as show and tell, people want to see your message not listen to you jabber on about your message. Not only is a talking head or plain words boring but you don’t want you web video production to feel like a lecture on the formation of dirt or cause your audience to walk away from your video or stop watching completely. Show them your compelling version of your message in a wordless and anti-marketing blubbering way. Some companies and people in general will find it hard to achieve this goal, however it is the best way to not only move your audience but also keep them wanting more.

Have the Intention of Making the Best Video on the Web

When making a web video production, you don’t want to cheap out and make the video just good enough. To keep your viewers watching you will want amazing cinematography and a combination of sound as well as music. These things will keep people watching alone as they will be enraptured by the high quality of the video alone. Amazing high quality things such as music and cinematography are key ingredients to making your web video production effective and keeping your audience’s attention long enough to get your message and other points across.